Genius Insight - Quanta Capsule

for smartphones & tablets

Insight Quanta Capsule

for the Genius Insight app


Receive energy balancing therapy from your Genius Insight practitioner at home on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, whenever you need it.

With the Insight Quanta Capsule, distance therapy is a breeze!


Note: This app is only for clients of a Genius Insight pratitioner. It allows the user to receive therapy frequencies from their practitioner based on a Genius Insight session run by the practitioner. It does not include any analytical functionalities.


If you are a practitioner and would like to offer the Quanta Capsule to your clients, please contact us.




The Quanta Capsule is a standalone app that you install on your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet, so you can receive a 'pack' of therapeutic energetic frequencies prepared by your Genius Insight practitioner, to run each day at home. Your practitioner prepares your personalized pack during or after a consultation using the Genius Insight app, and then just emails the pack to you to continue your therapy at home.


In short, with the Quanta Capsule you can receive personalized therapy from your practitioner without having to go and see them for each session. It's an easy and practical tool to maintain your therapy.


Your Quanta Capsule licence is valid for life, you can receive as many frequency packs as you like. Each pack is valid for 5 days before it expires.
How does it work?
  1. First buy your Insight Quanta Capsule licence. You will receive an email with a download link and an activation code - keep this for the activation sequence below.

  2. Download the app directly from the download page onto your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet (do not use iTunes or Google Play), once you have bought your licence and received your code

  3. Approve/authorise the developer (if your device requires this):
    Apple: Go to Settings > General > Device Management and trust Canada Inc
    Android: Approve the unknown source in Settings > Security

  4. Open the app and register. The app will then ask you for your activation code, use the code you received by email. Once your practitioner sends you a therapy pack, you will receive an email with another code to download the pack. Just go into the app's menu (top right corner) and click on Import Genie Quanta. Copy your pack code into the dialog box.

  5. Your frequencies will then be loaded into your Quanta app. Select a duration for your therapy session using the slider at the bottom of your screen, and start your therapy session.

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