Quantum biofeedback therapy for everybody

  • A low-cost introduction to biofeedback therapy for practitioners and patients alike
  • An easy to use, personal application that fits right into today's technology and lifestyle
  • An easily accessible stress relief and wellness tool for you and your family

Analyze and re-balance essential parameters of your body's energies to reduce stress and improve your well-being.

Based on the same biofeedback technologies as the popular LIFE system used by quantum therapists throughout the world, the Quantum Life wellness application now makes quantum therapy accessible to anyone at an affordable price. Watch our video for details.

The Quantum Life app analyzes the human body based upon your unique voice imprint

The app balances the body using audible sound tones and electromagnetic frequencies

The Quantum Life app compares the success of the balancing session against the optimal and provides you with a percentage success of the therapy.

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From just $997 or €800, you can get an easy-to-use, effective analysis and therapy tool that you can take with you everywhere and use anywhere!

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Quantum Life iNfinity

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Recommended accessory
Quantum Geo harness M series

for focused, physical rebalancing
Regular price €220/$280
€120 / $150 with the purchase of a licence
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Designed according to the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry, The Quantum Geo, which plugs into your audio port, converts the audible sound tones to an electro magnetic frequency and then projects these energetic tones or frequencies via the Flower of Life. The Geo's electrodes can be placed anywhere on the body to provide localized entrainment and balancing.

The Quantum iNfinity

The Quantum iNfinity creates a multi wave or stacked wave form, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of your quantum balancing sessions. The frequencies or tones will penetrate deeper into the body while the time required for adequate balancing with the iNfinity will be drastically reduced as now you can layer frequencies on top of on another.

Waves or frequencies act as a 'carrier of information' - this is how data is transferred and the more detailed and compact a wave is, the more information can be contained within the wave form.

The Quantum iNfinity generates a multi-layered tone (many different frequencies instead of only one single frequency like the Quantum iLife) Each single tone becomes a unique multi layered, stacked wave frequency. This also gives us the ability to superimpose or 'piggy back' extra beneficial frequencies during any balancing session (such as Schuman Resonance Frequency).

The Quantum Life application's analysis and features include:

  • Meridians
  • Chakras
  • Aura
  • Emotional
  • Body Systems
  • Nutrition
  • Homeopathy
  • Solfeggio tones
  • Phobia Balancing
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Sensitivities
  • Spinal Scan
  • Spiritual Protection
  • Toxicity/Stress
  • Brain Wave EEG

For more information about the QL app call Chris on +44 (0)207 100 4599 or email

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About licences
Unlike some other apps, you cannot install the Quantum Life app on more than one device. A separate licence is needed for each device. Please make sure therefore that you consider which device you would like to install the app on:

  Advantages Drawbacks
Smartphone extremely portable, goes with you everywhere easily since it's also your phone Smaller screen, slightly less easy to interact with the user interface because of size
Tablet Larger screen, easier to tap on buttons, easier to share screen with a client Slightly less portable, not necessarily phone-capable

If you'd like more than one licence, please select the special rate for two licences when you pay or email us for more details.

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RIFE frequencies app

Dr. Royal Raymond RIFE's work now available on your mobile device.

Available for Apple and Android

Only $199 or 149 euros

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A personal biofeedback tool for everyone!

Heard of biofeedback and quantum therapies but not sure where to start or how to learn about them? Then the Quantum Life app is for you.

With a comprehensive manual and training documentation that includes an introduction to quantum therapy and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the app to measure, analyze and correct your body's energies, you'll quickly gain expertise and find yourself caught up in the wave of effective, alternative therapy that is taking the world by storm.

Best of all, the Quantum Life app fits quickly and easily into your modern lifestyle, running on your iPhone or iPad and providing you with quick and precise feedback on your well-being.

Discover aspects of your body that you'd never imagined before, correct your deficiencies and imbalances and rapidly attain a state of well-being that previously eluded you.

Practitioner offer

Get the app as a handy, go anywhere tool to run a quick scan on a patient or yourself, or just as a second control measure to check your results.

If you haven't bought the LIFE system yet but are considering buying it for your practice or personal use and want to judge the technology before you invest, the Quantum Life application is the ideal way for you to test the technology at a fraction of the cost of the full LIFE system.

With the LIFE system currently selling at 14,000 euros, it's not an investment you want to take lightly – so why not try the Quantum Life app first for only $997 or 800 euros, and when you're ready to buy the LIFE system, we'll refund the cost of the app entirely*!

*Conditions apply: to benefit from the refund, you must order your LIFE system through info@life-system.co.uk quoting promo code QL11.

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The LIFE system & Quantum Life app - Advanced biofeedback technology for better health and well-being

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